India is one of the largest producers of cotton fabric and second largest fabric exporter in International market. Sharda Syncotex PVT. LTD. tries to give its full share and its best efforts to have India ahead in this industry. We supply the best quality cotton fabric to meet all the specifications mentioned by the European and American Garment manufacturers. Our fabric is being dyed on Montforts CDR (Continuous Dyeing Range) machines with Reactive and Vat Dyes. We strictly proceed with the measures of quality parameters given by the buyer. Our looms are also equipped with electronic name writer on salvage of the fabric, making it convenient to put required Monograms for retail markets.

We are professional in fine count cotton weaving, starting from 30s to 60s count using Compact Cotton Ring Spun Yarn. In general we are weaving Satin and High Density Fabric Dobby Structure in fine counts. We are also fabricating course count fabrics of Open End and Ring Spun Yarn starting from count range 14s to 24s. We also produce fancy fabric using Slub yarn. We can supply Finish Fabric Width up to 160CM in Without Stretched Fabrics and up to 145CM in Stretched Fabrics.